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    IATLH CGoI2010 DVDs

    CGoI2010 DVD

    11/17/2010: The DVDs of 13th Cultural Glimpses of India are being produced by Roughcut Productions. Please read the DVD FAQs for more details.

    CGoI2010 DVD FAQs

    Updated:Tuesday, November 16, 2010.
    1. Was the entire show recorded; and who recorded it?

    2. Yes, the entire show was recorded. It was recorded by Roughcut Productions.


    3. Where are we in the DVD production process?

    4. At present the footage taken from all 3 cameras are being edited by Roughcut Productions. We expect it to be ready in 2-3 weeks.


    5. Do we have any sample of the work that Roughcut Production is doing for Glimpses 2010?

    6. Yes, you may view a sample video of Glimpses 2010 (work in progress) at CGoI 2010 Video Sample (use 'example' as password, if asked).


    7. I am not a current IATLH Member, can I still order DVD and what is the price?

    8. Yes, any one can order the DVD by going to CGoI 2010 DVD Order. If you have not ordered it yet, please order now (membership is not required for DVD orders). The price of the DVD is only $10 and we encourage every family to have their own copy. You can also renew or become a new member by going to IATLH 2010 Membership.


    9. Is there any last date to order the DVD?

    10. Yes, the last date to order the DVD is Wednesday, November 24, 2010. If you have not ordered yet please order now CGoI 2010 DVD Order.


    11. How we are going to get the DVD?

    12. We will email you at the email id given on the DVD order form for the location and date/time to pick up the DVD.

      Thank you for your continuing support.

      IATLH Executive Committee

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